Fireplace & Wood Stove Safety

Here are some general fire safety tips dealing with fireplaces and wood stoves.

  1. Have a professional chimney sweep inspect and clean your fireplace, wood stove, and chimney at least once a year - chimney tar build up can ignite your chimney, roof, and the whole house.
  2. Keep the fire in the fireplace by making sure you have a screen large enough to catch flying sparks and rolling logs.
  3. Use only seasoned wood, not green wood, artificial logs, or trash for your fireplace or wood stove.
  4. Make sure wood stoves are properly installed, away from combustible surfaces, have the proper floor support, and adequate ventilation. Never use flammable liquids (such as gasoline) to start or accelerate fire.
  5. Remember a poorly functioning or damaged fireplace and chimney may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.
  6. If you use a fireplace or would stove make sure that you have a properly functioning Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm!